Crispin Porter Taps Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Gates to Make Microsoft Cool Again

It was announced earlier this year that Miami advertising mavericks Crispin Porter + Bogusky had been picked by Microsoft to update its image. With the failure (can we call it a failure?) of Windows Vista and the constant attack from Apple's Mac-versus-PC ads, the company was looking to seem cool again. Well, CP+B's has finally put into motion Microsoft's new advertising campaign, and the verdict is in: Huh?

Jerry Seinfeld, tired of being the face for American Express we suppose, was tapped to appear in the commericial, reportedly being paid $10 million. And in a effort to seem cool by association, Bill Gates also appears in the new spot. And here we thought CP+B couldn't come up with a more wooden and creepy character than Burger King's King mascot.

The ad, which Seinfeld and Gates mostly talk about pleather shoes at a fictitious discount shoe store called Shoe Circus, does little to convince you to jump back on the Microsoft bandwagon. Instead, it subtly insists that despite being a billionaire, Gates is an average Joe like you and me, and Microsoft is at the forefront of chewy cake technology.

Here's hoping this campaign actually goes somewhere.

-- Jose D. Duran

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