Cow Furry Shows Up to Protest Sen. Bill Nelson's "Udder Hypocrisy"

Florida's Democratic Senator Bill Nelson has apparently really pissed off one furry. A man in a full plushy cow costume showed up at the State Capitol building this morning to declare that Nelson was in the business of "udder hypocrisy."

Brian Hughes, spokesman for the Republican Party of Florida, was apparently so excited by the sight of the full-grown man dressed up like a sexy bovine (yeah we see that tongue hanging out ever so suggestively) that he whipped his camera phone right out and Tweeted a picture:

So what's Nelson being so damn hypocritical about? Is he trying to pass federal laws outlawing consensual sex between two humans who just happened to be dressed as animals while secretly engaging in furryism himself? No, of course not. We all know sexual hypocrisy is more of a Republican thing, anyway.

Turns out that Nelson saved $43,000 in property taxes last year on land he owns in Brevard County. Nelson's doesn't live there, but he did lease the land out to a cattle rancher who let about a half-dozen of his cows graze on the land. Because the land was being used for agricultural purposes he got a big ol' tax break according to the Tampa Bay Times. Meanwhile, in Washington, Nelson has talked about closing tax loopholes.

[via The Buzz]

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Kyle Munzenrieder