Dieguez and Montero
Dieguez and Montero

Couple Found Raising Small Children, Large Marijuana Lab In Same House

Manny Dieguez, 39, and Ivette Montero, 29, were raising both cannabis and kids in their home until Miami-Dade Police busted them this morning. The couple now faces multiple charges including marijuana trafficking, possession of marijuana with a minor present and selling or manufacturing marijuana,

The couple lived in the 5400 block of Southwest 92nd Avenue with a 2-year-old girl and 3-month-old boy. 

The family also shared the home with 180 marijuana plants. Turns out the couple was also stealing power from  Florida Power & Light to run the lab, and it was FPL that tipped off police. Narcotics investigators in turn obtained a search warrant and made the bust this morning. The plants included about 183 pounds of marijuana. A separate stash of 50 pounds of marijuana was found in the garage. 

To make matters worse, the Olympia Heights home is just a block away from Blue Lakes Elementary School. 

Photos on Montero's Facebook trace the birth and early childhood of both children, often with the assistance of professional photo shoots.  

In addition to the marijuana charges, both also face charges of child abuse with no great bodily harm, and third degree theft. 

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