County Manager George Burgess Is Resigning

Hours after voters tossed out the bums (ahem, Carlos Alvarez and the vile Natacha Seijas), County Manager George Burgess got the hint as well. Burgess is set to resign his post today at a 2 p.m. news conference.

In memorium, we'll just toss out two things about Burgess: $422,118 (yup, that's his salary), and the Marlins Stadium (a debacle personally engineered by Burgess). OK, here's number three: Adios, sucka!

Actually, voters in August had already sent Burgess a clear message about his job performance when they voted to eliminate the job of county manager altogether. (You know you're not winning too many fans when your bosses -- the taxpayers -- decide just to kill your job outright).

And who can blame them? The guy made more than the president and handed Florida Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria a new stadium and millions in new revenues, all on the taxpayers' dime.

Burgess also stood behind most of the decisions that cost Alvarez his job, including union deals that handed raises to cops and firefighters and a property tax hike for thousands of Dade homeowners.

Alina Hudak, an assistant county manager, will take over in the meantime, the Miami Herald reports.

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