Say it ain't so, Teddy!
Say it ain't so, Teddy!
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Could the End of the Ted Ginn Era Be Upon Us?

Here at Riptide, we haven't exactly moderated our feelings for the Dolphins' resident maestro of the skillet-hands and master of the 1.5-yards-after-catch Ted Ginn Jr.

Indeed, we once threatened to "build a time machine" to travel back to the '07 draft just to "punch Cam Cameron in the dick" for drafting Ginn. We might have accused Ginn of "suffering from an extreme bout of the suck."

Hell, we even ran Ginn's in-game tweets wherein the speedster pined openly for the blazing wheels of Dallas Clark and begged Chad Pennington to "hit him in the chest" with the ball.

So would we be devastated to see the end of the glorious Ted Ginn Jr. era? You betcha!

Sadly, that day might just be upon us. The NFL's trade deadline eclipses at 4 p.m. today, and everyone from Pro Football Weekly to the Cleveland Plain Dealer thinks Ginn is on the shipping block.

Pro Football Weekly reports Baltimore is trying to land Ginn, presumably because Joe Flacco watched his jaw-dropping 53-yard TD against the Jets last week and missed the previous two years of jaw-dropping bobbled passes and half-assed routes.

The Plain Dealer says the former Buckeye could be headed to Kansas City, where we can only assume that Matt Cassel wants to be even more depressed about how much his team blows while weeping silently over Glamour Shots of Randy Moss. Ted's ready to help, Matt!

Either way, Riptide is fervently hoping Ginn's truly re-donk-ulous catch last week was enough to spare him from a trade.

Because the minute Ginn gets back to his well-established routine of nabbing seven catches for 32 yards and no touchdowns, we'll be ready to in-game tweet the occasion in his name.


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