Could Rafael Nadal's Tooth Trouble Prevent Miami Showdown With Roger Federer?

We in Miami like a really, really big show. As every professional sports endeavor in the city knows, if your event bores us even slightly, we have a tendency to do something else with our time. So we're sure some Sony Ericsson Open ticket holders have their fingers crossed for a championship match between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. In fact, that's what predicts

But it seems Nadal has some trouble with his teeth. It has already bit into his practice schedule, but will it effect him on the court? 

AFP reports the Spanish superstar has an inflamed wisdom tooth, and his dentist says it's going to have to come out. The pain has already caused him to miss two days of practice, but he's still moving forward to play in Miami. 

"I was fast [at Indian Wells]. I was aggressive. I was moving very good. I was very happy how I played. I was playing at my best level during that tournament," Nadal tells AFP.

Of course, he went out in the Indian Wells semifinals against eventual (and unpredicted) champ Ivan Ljubicic.

If Nadal falls on his way to the later rounds, thinks Andy Roddick has a shot at meeting favorite Federer in the final.

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Kyle Munzenrieder