Cosmo for Dudes Website Says It's a Man's World in Miami

Thank God for websites like Askmen.com. Without them, where would the single males of the world learn jewels of social wisdom such as "Why being nice doesn't work" and "Ten things to have in your house that women love"? (Attention, gentlemen: You should apparently "try to get your hands on a cowbell. If she's seen the popular SNL skit, she'll die laughing -- and if she hasn't, you will win points for being the first person to show it to her.")

This week, we learned the site -- clearly authored by Casanova himself -- does more than post Cosmo-style top ten lists encouraging men to try too hard. In a compilation of the "29 best cities for men," Miami was one of five U.S. cities to get a shoutout, largely for our condo bust, which the writers say has prompted "amazing deals on homes." Oh yeah, and all of those "physiques on the beach" also got us some points.

The site notes: "Brand-new condominiums are being transformed into rental communities, and a wave of new residents is expected to populate areas such as Miami Downtown, Brickell, and Midtown in the next couple of years." To determine the best cities, Askmen.com claims to have used "a statistical formula" for eight lifestyle categories. They included livability, culture, dating and sex, sports, and -- lucky for us -- "power and money." Of 29 cities, only San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Portland and L.A. were among the American crop. (Oh snap, New York!)

Chigago came in first, and Barcelona got second. London and Amsterdam weren't mentioned at all.

The coolest part: The site calculates the average cost of a pint of beer for each city. Miami, depressingly, came out at $6.75. (Maybe the researchers spent too much time clubbing on South Beach?)

Who knows how fact-based these lists are, anyway. We're just happy somebody thinks we're up-and-coming. When we buy our cheap but hip condo on Brickell, we'll be sure to place a cowbell on the coffee table in honor of delightfully trashy websites everywhere.

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