Corrupt Minerals Management Service Inspectors Are Not Hurricanes Fans

In the wake of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the interior department has been investigating that alarmingly tight ties between the oil industry and the Mineral Management Service, the federal government department that is supposed to watch over drilling. 

A new government report accuses inspectors af the MMS under the Bush administration of accepting big gifts, doing crystal meth while on the job, looking at porn on government computers, trying to get jobs within the industry while still on the Government payrole and allowing the companies to fill out their own drilling inspections reports. 

There's also one ridiculous tidbit with a local twist: apparently some inspector accepted tickets to the 2005 Peach Bowl which pitted the Miami Hurricanes and the LSU Tigers. Yes, the game in which the 'Canes got smashed. Yes, the game the ended with punches being thrown afterwards. It wasn't the 'Canes' proudest moment, but at least they didn't have corrupt Gov officials in their cheering section. 

Inspectors in the Lake Charles District of Louisiana accepted sports tickets from the Island Operating Company (IOC), which manages off-shore property for drilling, and in one case were flown to that Peach Bowl.

An MMS official, who now works for IOC by the way, emailed his colleagues to let them know how much of a blast he had while taking gifts from a company he was supposed to be watching.  

"The 40 to 3 ass whipping LSU put on Miami was a lot more impressive in person. My daughter and I had a blast," he wrote. 

Crystal meth? Bribes? LSU fans who hate Miami? Does the evil in these people's souls know no end? 

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