Coral Gables High's History of Violence Caught on YouTube

A spanish radio station has exposed what some are labeling as a teen fight club taking place in the courtyard on Coral Gables High School, with a few of the fights being posted on YouTube.

The fights caught on camera seem to be more for the entertainment of other students than for settling a score. In the video to the right one girl shouts out, "This is a gay-ass fight." Later, when one combatant lands a punch to the other's face a third student comes in to act as a referee.

Later, some students commented with their sub-literate fight reviews on the YouTube page: "wow just wow i mean malik aint bad but justin damn if malik new some take downs justin would be fuccccked lmao and fuck this half speed bull shit take it to the max."

The nature of the combat might have been different than the fight that left one Coral Gables student dead and another in jail charged with murder, but what is concerning is that there's no adults present in the highly trafficked area where the fights take place. The same area where yesterdays murder occurred. None of the fights are broken up, and some of them go on for minutes.

The videos were posted just over a year ago, before the school's current principal Adolfo Costa took over the school.

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