Cop in Bizarre Miami Beach ATV Accident Fired

Derick Kuilan, the Miami Beach police officer involved in a bizarre ATV accident that sent three citizens to the hospital, will be fired. Rolando Gutierrez, another officer who was not directly involved in the accident, will also be fired following a swift investigation.

Kuilan was on-duty when he picked up an unauthorized female passenger, Adelee Sharie Martin, around 5 a.m. on Sunday morning and proceeded to take her on a high speed joy ride on a stretch of beach outside the Clevelander Hotel. Kuilan ended up running over a couple that was laying on the beach.  The passenger and the couple all wound up in the hospital. 

The department has started the process to officially terminate Kuilan for  "conduct unbecoming an officer" and "dereliction of duties," according to NBCMiami

Investigators are still looking into allegations that Kuilan was drunk at the time. City officials would also not confirm whether or not Kuilan attempted to flee the scene after the accident

Rolando Gutierrez was also fired, and was at the Clevelander during the incident.

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Kyle Munzenrieder