Cop Ericson Harrell Won't Be Prosecuted For Wearing Guy Fawkes' Mask

Prosecutors have dismissed charges against North Miami Beach cop Ericson Harrell for recently wearing a Guy Fawkes' mask while protesting Obamacare along a busy road in Plantation.

The bizarre arrest, cited under an obscure 1951 Florida law that defense attorneys told the Sun Sentinel was created to combat the Ku Klux Klan, reverberated across the country.

Harrell told New Times he was thrilled the charges won't carry through to trial, but "the next battle" is with his commanders at the North Miami Beach Police Department. They've placed him on administrative leave and plan a psychological evaluation to determine his fitness for duty.

It's unclear whether the dismissal of charges will end Harrell's administrative leave.

Harrell was initially charged with obstruction of traffic and for donning a hood or mask in the street. But state attorney Sarahnell Murphy says she couldn't prosecute Harrell because the 1951 law was "vague, ambiguous, and overbroad," and would have violated his Constitutional rights.

The North Miami Beach Department has declined to release any internal documents involving Harrell until their investigation against him has concluded.

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