Conservatives Want To Keep Crist's Influence Limited to Florida

In politics nothing is ever guaranteed, but lets be honest the conventional wisdom is that come November 2010 Charlie Crist will be attending his electoral victory party. The only question is whether he'll be popping the champaign for a re-election to the Governor's mansion or a Senate victory. 

A group of solidly conservative Republicans would much rather keep him in Tallahassee it seems, as they've put up a petition website called "Keep Charlie Crist.

The Buzz speculates that the people behind the petition may have a slight Anti-Crist bent. Charlie was never a famous of the hard core righties. If he stays on as Governor he'd only stay be in Tallahassee for four more years, and once he's gone there may not be a Senate vacancy. Even if there was, he might not be as popular as he is now. Whereas if he runs for Senate he could conceivably stay there, pulling the Republican party and their national ideology to the center, for years. 

Of course, if Charlie doesn't run for Senate the chances of a Democrat winning the seat go up immensely. 

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