Conservatives Want To Give Sarah Palin All Our Precious Sunshine

Oh for the love of a secular female iteration of an Earth power God, it is Christmas Eve. Can we please keep the partisan bickering to arguing with your Republican uncle after copious amounts of egg nog? No, sir. The conservative blogosphere is nonstop. 

While this particular strained metaphor doesn't match the stupidity of yesterday's buzz about a column by a dean at Liberty University that compared American liberals to pagan baby sacrificers, it's still dumb.

From notorious right wing blog, The American Thinker

Since Al Gore is a Democrat and Democrats believe in equality, wealth and sunlight redistribution by taxation will they take some sunlight from Miami by increasing their sunshine tax (and if it doesn't exist I'm sure Democrats won't mind adding a new tax) while gifting it to Anchorage, Alaska, where sundown begins at 3:26pm?

I have no idea what the hell Ethel C. Fenig is talking about here, at all. But hey, hey a sunshine tax would be a good idea. Not to give sunshine to Alaska, but to fix the budget crises (hot new details of how Crist wants to fix the budget at that link, by the way). Since approximately 45% of Florida's sunshine goes directly into keeping up Charlie Crist's tan he would take the brunt of paying for the budget mess that happened under his watch. 

Was this an excuse to run these Sarah Palin pool pix again? Yes! Merry Christmas!

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