Conservatives May Want Rubio To Challenge Crist in Senate Primary

You would think the Republican party would start trying to find ways to be a more inclusive group. Instead, operating under the assumption that when the democrats make one major screw up, voters will have only one choice to turn to: a newly, ideologically pure Republican party.

Now, The Tampa Tribune is reporting that conservative Republicans may try to run a strong primary challenger against Charlie Crist if he decides to run. The two possible anti-Crists: Allen Bense, and our own Marco Rubio. A bit of a reverse from the current thinking that if Crist entered the race, Rubio would back off and possibly regear towards a run for Governor.

Crist remains quite popular, but conservatives have been annoyed by everything from his Supreme Court appointments, to his environmental agenda, to his public appearance with President Barack Obama in support of the stimulus package. 

Riptide isn't sure what political wonderland these dissatisfied Republicans are living in, but a Charlie Crist senate run is sure to be a slam dunk. No matter what personal leanings, he's still a another warm body placed on the Republican's side of the chamber, keeping Democrats away from that coveted supermajority. While a Marco Rubio senate run seems like less of sure shot, idealogies be damned.

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