Conservatives Dream About Charlie Crist Dropping Out of Senate Race

The steady stream of right wingers trying to rain of Charlie Crist's parade continues, with some conservative have wet dreams of Crist switching races and retreating back to re-election to his Governor's seat.

The chatter started with The Herald's political blog reporting that one, unnamed Crist supporter "speculated" that Crist might be considering a retreat, which lead to RedState.com's Erik Erickson, who calls the governor "Obama's favorite Republican," to pop a boner over the idea. He declared that conservatives need to keep supporting Crist's more conservative challenger Marco Rubio to "teach the GOP Establishment a very serious lesson."

Teach them what exactly? That Republicans can tear down one of their most popular, and relatively scandal-free governors in one the biggest states just to prove that the GOP is a small tent party that only appeals to hard line wing nuts?

Though, their campaign seems to be working. Crist's approval numbers seem to have significantly slipped, and there's rumors of a Chamber of Commerce poll that shows Crist with only 44 percent of the GOP vote to Rubio's 30 percent.

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