"Conservative Bad Girl" Ana Sol Alliegro Might Be Hiding in Nicaragua

Where in the world is Ana Sol Alliegro? We've heard joking answers from the bottom of the Everglades to St. Tropez, but there hasn't been an actual report on David Rivera's shady lady friend until now. According to sources who spoke to América TeVé, she may be in Nicaragua.

Alliegro, a self described "Conservative Bad Girl," is a close friend of disgraced former Congressmen David Rivera, and is believed to have run a campaign for a ringer candidate in a Democratic primary financed by Rivera. She was scheduled to meet with FBI investigators back in September, 2012, but went missing and hasn't turned up since.

América TeVé's source in the Nicaraguan Government says that Alliegro entered the country on September 6, and that there's no indication she's left since. At least by plane.

Talking Point Memo called up Alliegro's lawyer. He says he's heard reports about her whereabouts, but can't confirm or deny anything. Though Alliegro is Cuban, TPM points out her family trained Contra rebels in Nicaragua, so she has at least some ties to the country.

Alliegro is not wanted by the FBI for anything other than questioning, and as yet has not been charged with any crimes related to the campaign. The feds are more concerned with Rivera himself, and while Alliegro's testimony could help in nailing him, the ringer candidate himself, Justin Lamar Sternad, has agreed to cooperate.

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