Connie Mack's Campaign Manager Sends Crazy Letter to George LeMieux Over Charlie Sheen Joke

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Yesterday George LeMieux made a mildly amusing (by GOP standards anyway) sort-of-zinger comparing his Republican Senate Primary opponent Connie Mack to Charlie Sheen. Well, now Mack's campaign manager Jeff Cohen has responded with this smarmy, hyperbolic, over-the-top letter addressed to LeMieux. Cohen was so pleased with his ridiculous, over-serious reaction to a dumb joke that he promptly leaked it the press.

Someone seriously need a sense humor.

Here's the letter in full via Naked Politics:

Dear George:

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious concern. To compare your opponent, Connie Mack, to Charlie Sheen is both offensive and outrageous.

The Mack family - including Congressman Mack, his wife Mary and his parents - have been leaders in standing up against the rising use of drugs among our citizens.

I know you believe it was cute (albeit juvenile) to bring in Charlie Sheen. Instead, it was offensive, demeaning and belittling to the hard work that so many people - including the Macks - have done for so long in dealing with the serious problem of addiction, and particularly drug and alcohol addiction among teenagers.

As I said before, you were always proud to be known as a bare-knuckle, take-no-prisoners political operative, but I would be curious as to whether the Partnership for a Drug Free America, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and other hard working anti-drug and alcohol addiction organizations would find your Charlie Sheen comment as funny as you do. Let me assure you, they wouldn't.

George, your embarrassing campaign has gone beyond slinging mud to rapidly sinking into quicksand, which for you, must be a very lonely and desperate place - especially for someone who for so long has proudly proclaimed himself to be Charlie Crist's political "Maestro."

With deep disappointment but no surprise,

Jeff Cohen

And this is why sometimes political types are so damn unbearable. Not only can they not take a friggin' joke, they have to grasp at whatever straws they can to claim that the joke was offensive, and dear lord they will squeeze anything they perceive as offensive to its furthest logical length.

Dude, you're bringing in MADD to a fight over a relatively tame Charlie Sheen joke? Really? Could you imagine if every time someone made a Charlie Sheen joke, some asshole came around and said "Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious concern." Killjoy.

It was less than a year ago when the entire country was making Charlie Sheen jokes. LeMieux's only offense is that he was so painfully late to the party.

Then Jeff Cohen, right after he complains about LeMieux attacking Mack, starts ruthlessly and shamelessly attacking LeMieux's character.

Jeff Cohen is everything that's wrong about politics. Lighten up, pal, or at least devote some of that rage towards something that actually warrants it.

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