Congressmen Bore the Hell out of Us on YouTube, Vote Spaghetti Cat in '10!

It's not that people don't want to watch Mario Diaz-Balart videos on YouTube. This video of him experiencing some sort of Sarah Palin-induced seizuregasm at a John McCain rally has more than 35,000 views (although over half of those were from me). It's just that people don't want to watch Mario Diaz-Balart-approved Mario Diaz-Balart videos on YouTube.

Today, Congress officially unleashed on the world HouseHub and SenateHub as a quick way to find viral video propaganda from your favorite congressman. It's the worse thing to happen to YouTube since, well, ever. 

Nancy Pelosi unveiled this weird video of her cats and a tired Internet joke, which is then explained at the end (*spoiler alert*: Rick Rolling is officially dead).

Most congressmen haven't bothered yet with this Internet thing, because Kendrick Meek and Mario are the only local reps who bothered to set up

pages. Mario's official page has more than 130 videos uploaded, but most of them have view counts only in the double digits. Meek has a little more sucess, regularly cracking the 100-view mark, but, uh, videos such as this one get more views.

Congratulations, 111th Congress! You've found ways for people to ignore you in bold, new ways!

Just wait until you're all unseated in 2010 by the New YouTube party and its roster of candidates, including Spaghetti Cat, Jeffree Star, and this set of brothers, who will replace the Diaz-Balarts. Mario, when you bite Lincoln's finger on camera, we'll subscribe to your channel.

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