Congressman Steve King Complains About Fergie and J. Lo Owning the Dolphins

There's two wars going on, Iran's got nukes, the economy is still in the dumps, and so much more, but what has Republican Iowa Congressman Steve King (and possible future Presidential candidate) upset? The fact that Jennifer Lopez and Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson can own an NFL team while Rush Limbaugh can't. 

Yesterday, in a House Judiciary Committee hearing addressed NFL Comissioner Roger Goodell about the "controversy," while other far more serious issues were on the table. 

"I would point out that you have a couple of owners that have performed lyrics in songs that are far more offensive, in fact I don't think anything that Rush Limbaugh said was offensive. With Fergie and with Jlo, they have, between the two of them, have alleged that the CIA are terrorists and liars, they've promoted the sexual abuse of women, they've used the n-word, verbal pornography, recreational drug use, etc, and they are owners of the Dolphins, and I also find it ironic that Fergie was approved as an owner on the very day you made your statement against Rush Limbaugh," said King.

We could sit here all day and dissect his statement, but the fact is it shouldn't have been made in the first place. Goodell was there for a hearing on high rates of chronic traumatic encephalopathy among football players, not to discuss Limbaugh or anything. A serious issue in itself, but King, probably trying to appeal to the base because he's rumored to be considering a presidential bid in 2012, went off on this silly show-boat tangent. And you wonder why nothing ever gets done in DC. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder