Complete Strangers Married in Florida to Protest for Gay Rights

Opponents of same-sex marriage think gays and lesbians want to upend the "sanctity" of the institution. Never mind the fact that straight people have been doing that on their own pretty well. But we've never come across a straight couple that aimed to purposefully mock marriage just to prove a political point. 

Brian Feldman and Hannah Miller, two Orlando-area residents and complete strangers, were married last Friday. Feldman, a performance artist, put out a call to any ladies who wanted to take 

part in the project on Facebook

. Three showed up, and he spun a water bottle to decide which one with which he would enter into holy matrimony. 

The piece even had a name: "Brian Feldman Marries Anybody," and to complement the piece, a lesbian couple attempted to get a marriage license at the same court an hour beforehand but was denied. 

According to the Orlando Sentinel, when Miller, dressed in a short thrift-shop gown with exposed garters, was congratulated on her nuptials, she replied, "Actually, I think you should be shaming me. This is a disgusting thing I have to do. It's terrible -- no offense to Brian."

Feldman claims he might know Miller from somewhere but can't recall where. The two were basically strangers, and Miller has a boyfriend. 

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