Commissioner Carlos Gimenez Purposely Delayed Recall Meeting

Today the Miami-Dade County Commission was supposed to meet to set a date for the election to recall Mayor Carlos Alvarez. Problem was only six commissioners showed up, because Commissioners apparently find it OK to act like school skipping children. Which means the commission fell one short of a quorum, and the meeting had to be postponed. So where were these missing commissioners? At least one, Carlos Gimenez, is alleged to have been in County Hall, but refused to walk his ass down to the meeting.

The people have spoken, and enough certified signatures were collected demanding a recall election. Seven commissioners apparently decided to thwart the will of their constituents. Chairman Dennis Moss and Commissioners Joe Martinez, Barbara Jordan, Bruno Barreiro, Lynda Bell and even Natacha Seijas, who is facing a recall election of her own, bothered to show up (it should be noted that Seijas probably showed up to try and set two separate dates for her recall election and the mayor's).

The others were missing. Only one, Jose "Pepe" Diaz noted he wouldn't be able to attend when the meeting was announced.

According to a release from Marcelo Llorente, the former state lawmaker who is seeking the mayoral office in 2012, Commissioner Carlos Gimenez was in the building but didn't show up at the meeting.

"More troubling was the action by Commissioner Carlos Gimenez, who purposely thwarted his official duties by ignoring the will of the voters and missing the commission meeting even while he sat inside the building. We expect our county employees to go to their respective jobs every day," read Llorente's release. "We expect police officers and firefighters to report to duty every day to keep us safe. Yet Commissioner Gimenez has made it clear that Miami-Dade residents cannot count on our elected county commission to meet and carry out the will of the people."

Incoming Commission Chairman Joe Martinez has signaled that he will schedule during the week of January 10 to discuss election dates.

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