Combine Talk: Are The Fins Thinking Quarterback?

It's NFL Combine time! It's that time of year when old men with clipboards and stopwatches poke, prod, ogle and feel-up young men wearing nothing but their underwear. It's gonna be great! It's also the time of year we talk possible draft scenarios and who'll go where and when and what our team needs to do. The reality of it all is none of us knows shit when it comes to this stuff. But we try anyway. So let's get to it...

Are Fins Thinking Quarterback?

It seems more and more likely that the Fins won't be using the first overall pick on a quarterback. They just don't think Matt Ryan or Brian Brohm are worth the number one pick. The fact that I placed 2nd in JD's fantasy league last year qualifies me to say, neither do I.

There's been talk that Parcells and Ireland are taking a close look at Delaware QB Joe Flacco and Michigan QB Chad Henne, both of whom will likely be available early in the second round. Talk is they really like Flacco, who has suddenly become the "QB to watch at the combine" for everyone. He has a big arm, and a solid senior season. His stock is rising fast. Flacco seems to have become this year's Jay Cutler -- kid with a gunslinger mentality, big arm, big ego, from a small school, bit of a douche (I don't know this for a fact. He could be the nicest guy in the world, but everything sounds better when it ends with "bit of a douche") and a guy every one will be watching this week.

From what I've seen of him, Flacco has accuracy issues. He also lacks mobility and his pocket presence is a little shoddy -- which is like shitty except with two d's. But he's got a big arm. The "able to make all the throws" thing and his size (6-6, 230 lbs. big mutha!) makes him an intriguing prospect. I know I'm intrigued. But, I still rather we spend our higher picks on the O-line, D-line and secondary. Then see if a guy like Tennessee's Eric Ainge is available later.

Earlier reports have Parcells liking John Beck more than he thought he would. But you can never have enough quarterbacks on your roster. And the rumors that Miami is high on Flacco should be true since there's no reason for them to lie about liking him. The upside here is that Miami would be getting a QB who is younger and bigger than Beck and has a cannon for an arm (Beck still has better accuracy and a quicker release). We'll just have to wait and see. It all depends on how Parcells & Co. really feel about John Beck and his magical undies.

Either way. What the Fins do or don't do this offseason when it comes to the future of the QB position will set in motion our ultimate failure or success. A team is nothing without a solid franchise quarterback. But I don't have to tell you guys that. That's why I believe the Fins will take a QB somewhere in this draft. Just in case.

It's in the hands of Tuna. -- Chris Joseph

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