Combine Talk: A Trade With Atlanta?

Armando Salguero has a conference call with Mel Kiper posted on his blog. But that's not important. What is important is that he wrote about a rumor making the rounds in Indy that the Falcons are reportedly so in love with BC quarterback Matt Ryan that they might consider trading up to get him. They currently hold the No. 3 overall pick. They would also need to give up their 2nd round pick and another pick next year.

And here's where I jump up and shout: "Oh hells yea!! Jump on it Bill!! Jump! On! It!" And that's when the neighbors call the cops.

I'll be honest. I like Chris Long and I like Jake Long. But I'm not in-love with either of them. However, I'm falling more and more in love with Ohio State DE Vernon Gholston. Right now he's projected to go somewhere between 6-10 on most mocks (Right in the area where the Jets and Pats are picking! Fuck!).

The dude's a Man-Beast. He's 6-4 & 264 lbs of pure scrap-eating, quarterback killing, running back mauling machinery. He can play both defensive end and outside linebacker and his skills are tailor made for the 3-4 defense. He's a monster in the pass rush and is powerful (some reports have him benching 450 lbs). Yet as big as he is, he's fast, quick off the snap and relentless in the open-field. In other words, he's got "Bill Parcells Type of Player" written all over him.

And look at those guns! The guy can choke a hippo with those fucking things! Jesus I have a hard-on!

Last year I begged the Dolphins to draft Mississippi LB Patrick Willis. Begged. Alas, they went with Ted Ginn Jr. and, well, look at you now numbnuts!

Anyway, if this Atlanta rumor is true, then the Dolphins need to talk up Ryan and need to make a move quickly. Get the extra picks, draft Gholston with the 3rd, 4th or 5th overall pick (depending on the coin flip. Thanks Brian!), and save the Universe! -- Chris Joseph

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