Colbert Debuts New Late Show With Jeb Bush, Announces Archbishop Wenski as Future Guest

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert debuted only last night, but if there's one clear thing Colbert is trying to achieve to differentiate his show from the competition, it's bringing on guests from outside Hollywood. Jimmy Fallon has his celebrity lip-synch games, Jimmy Kimmel has his cameo-filled sketches, but Colbert's initial lineup of guests includes people you're more likely to see on CNN than E! News. 

Former Florida governor and presidential candidate Jeb Bush was Colbert's second guest on last night's show, and later this month, the host will bring on another pillar of Miami's conservative establishment: Archbishop Thomas Wenski. 

But first let's get to Bush's appearance. You can watch the full episode here, but here are a few select clips. 
Colbert introduced Bush by noting, "You are — with one exception aside, which we'll get to later — the frontrunner." 

Later, Colbert then helped Bush prepare for next week's debate by providing him with more Trump-like answers. His answer to a question about the Iran arms deal suddenly changed to, "I will build a wall between the United States and Iran and make Mexico pay for it." 

If you enjoy watching Colbert interview Catholics from Miami, well, good news: Archibishop Thomas Wenski will be a guest on the show later this month, September 24. 

“I’m told I’ll be on the Stephen Colbert show the Thursday that the pope goes to New York City. So I guess they couldn’t get the pope, so they got me,” Wenski informed the local CBS affiliate
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Kyle Munzenrieder