Code Pink Wants You to "Bring Your Vagina" to RNC in Tampa Bay

The Republican National Convention is coming to Tampa Bay in August, and along with it will comes thousands of protestors. Women's rights group Code Pink, which isn't shy about causing a commotion, is already planning its protest and is asking members to "bring their vagina to the RNC." Yes, they're putting out a call for "vagina warriors."

Remember in 2011, when a Democratic member of the Florida House of Representatives upset his Republican colleagues by using the word "uterus" on the House floor? History repeated itself recently in Michigan when Democratic state Rep. Lisa Brown read a letter from a voter that included the sentence, "Finally Mr. Speaker, I'm flattered that you are all so interested in my vagina, but no means no."

The Republican Speaker of the House in Michigan promptly barred Brown from speaking on the floor the next day, because apparently "vagina" is a no-no word.

So now, Code Pink is looking for "vagina warriors" to "help us encourage Republicans to honor vaginas!"

"Join CODEPINK to bring your vagina to the Republican National Convention!" reads its website. "Together, we will form a V-team of women (and vagina-friendly men) unafraid to speak up for our rights and our lives. We will bring our resilient, creative, powerful Vagina Warriors to Republican fundraisers and to the convention hall. We'll take part in the Coalition March on the RNC and in the March for Women's Rights."

Code Pink is no stranger to causing a commotion. At the 2008 RNC, a member was arrested for trying to heckle John McCain. However, in the past they've also pulled off stunts to protest Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and President Obama.

The group also caused a ruckus in Miami back in 2008 when they started a protest in Little Havana that nearly sparked a riot at Versailles.

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Kyle Munzenrieder

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