Club Madonna, Miami Beach's Only Strip Club, Says BYOB

Club Madonna Leroy Griffith's favorite past time is ruffling the feathers of the inhabitants of Miami Beach City Hall. A long standing city ordinance forbids the sale of alcohol at strip clubs, and as a result Griffith's Club Madonna is the only strip club in South Beach. Sure, it keeps competition away but Griffith isn't a fan of the law. So now he's gone nuclear: he's allowing patrons to bring their own booze.

A new sign wedged quite literally between the butt of a statue of a buxom blonde babe declares the new policy. The strongest drink patrons can buy at the bar may be a Coca Cola, but Griffith has decided he's fine with them bringing in their own bottles or beers.

"Why pay $500 other places?" he tells the Miami Herald

Griffith says what he's doing is perfectly legal, but Miami Beach City Attorney Jose Smith tells the Herald that "clearly, what he is doing is illegal."

Sounds like it'll be another battle between the city and the strip club.

The tension between City Hall and Club Madonna has been building for years. Back in 2009 Griffith had city officials nailed with an ethics complaint, and last year escaped a fine for displaying a poster of Mayor Matti Bower shoving a dollar down a male dancer's Speedo outside his club.

And Griffith's personal battle with Miami Beach goes back even longer. Hell, he once told New Times that he was arrested in 1961 for operating a burlesque show in South Beach.

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Kyle Munzenrieder