Clinton's Global Initiative: No Security Is Good Security

At an event where a former U.S. president is present, you'd expect to be patted down, have your bags ripped open, and then maybe be carted away by the Secret Service because you forgot to remove that nail file from your purse.

But those who went to the Clinton Global Initiative University meeting this weekend saw nothing of the sort. They walked into the BankUnited Center in Coral Gables with no security in sight.

Surely, there were Secret Service agents dressed as civilians roaming around with the proper ammo to mow down community-service-driven students if they went crazy. Even parking areas that were supposed to be shut down around the arena weren't properly watched; people snuck their cars in.

You might expect that if, say, a certain former president whose name rhymes with Forge W. Push, were holding a forum for more than 1,300 international students from 83 countries. But Clinton? Maybe the Secret Service believes intelligent and committed students aren't capable of flipping out. Or maybe there were snipers just waiting to pick off anyone who made a sudden move.

Even with the lax security, the weekend meeting was a success. There was much talk about Middle East relations and energy-efficient car manufacturing. U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin was there. So was Pharrell Williams, founder of Kidult.com, dressed in cut-off jean shorts and bright red sneakers that would make Ronald McDonald jealous. The fashion statement didn't go unnoticed.

Clinton asked Williams: "Does your clothing line make those shoes?"

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