Clinton and Trump Soar to Wins in Florida (With Rubio Leading Only in Miami-Dade)
Photo by Marc Nozell | Flickr, CC2.0

Clinton and Trump Soar to Wins in Florida (With Rubio Leading Only in Miami-Dade)

In a result widely forecast in polls, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have won Florida's primaries by hefty margins.

Clinton is besting Bernie Sanders all across the state but is doing particularly well in the tri-county area of South Florida, which is home to the state's largest block of Democratic voters. 

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According to CNN's exit polls, about 47 percent of Democrats thought Sanders' policies were "not realistic" compared to just 16 percent who thought the same of Clinton's. Another 25 percent found Sanders' policies "too anti-business." Seventy-four percent thought Clinton had a better chance to beat Trump in November.

Trump, meanwhile, is dominating almost all of Florida. The results are an embarrassment to Marco Rubio, a man who only six years ago was ushered into the U.S. Senate as the state's new conservative wunderkind. In fact, at the moment, Rubio has a lead only on his home turf of Miami-Dade County.

We'll update these numbers as they become official, but Rubio is leading Trump in Miami-Dade by 63 to 22 percent. Statewide, those numbers are 46 percent for Trump and 27 percent for Rubio. 

Rubio couldn't even move the needle in neighboring Broward County, where Trump is up with 50 percent of the vote. 

Meanwhile, the Miami Beach Convention Center hotel appears to be heading to a victory. Update: The Miami Beach Convention Center hotel needed 60 percent approval to go forward and received only 55 percent. In Miami, a plan to lease three-fourths of an acre of city land to the Riverside Wharf project will pass with a wide margin. 

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