Clemson Destroyed a Turnover Chain in Locker Room After Embarrassing Canes
George Martinez

Clemson Destroyed a Turnover Chain in Locker Room After Embarrassing Canes

The Miami Hurricanes got their asses handed to them in Saturday night's ACC championship game versus the Clemson Tigers. Then, after the game, the Canes caught some serious shade from the South Carolina powerhouse. Miami's 38-3 loss somehow doesn't really reflect just how soundly the Canes were outmatched in the biggest game of their season. The Tigers mercifully took their foot off the gas late in the game, benched most of their starters before the fourth quarter, and were probably loading equipment onto their plane before the final whistle.

It easily could have been so much worse. Thankfully, it wasn't — until after the game. Then it got a little disrespectful.

In the locker room, Clemson rubbed salt in Miami's wounds by cutting up a mock version of UM's famed turnover chain.

Damn. That's cold.

So that's the bad news. The good news is the consolation prize for a sound ass-whopping by the number one team in the nation is another home game for the Hurricanes. Well, technically it's not a home game, but the Canes will go bowling at home. And it's a doozy.

The Hurricanes' 10-2 record in 2017 is a roaring success, and it was enough to secure a matchup in the Orange Bowl against the Wisconsin Badgers December 30 at Hard Rock Stadium.

Though playing in the Orange Bowl against Wisconsin isn't exactly what the Hurricanes wanted a couple of weeks ago, it's still a huge game. In terms of recruiting, Miami playing in a major bowl in one of the last games of the season is a big deal.

A win over 12-1 Wisconsin would be a cherry on top of an extraordinary season for the Canes. If Miami can end the year with a win against a team that was near the top of the polls most of the year, that should catapult the Canes back to a Top 10 team in the nation, which should mean Miami would start next season in a much better position to win a national championship than where the team began this season.

For now, it hurts. Losing sucks. That's a good sign, though, because it means the Miami Hurricanes matter again.

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