Civilian Investigative Panel Nominating Committee

Commissioner Art Teele's appointees:

Nathaniel Wilcox, executive director, PULSE (People United to Lead the Struggle to Equality), Miami

Bess L. McElroy, president, PULSE, Miami

Commissioner Tomas Regalado's appointees:

Colonel Roger Rojas Lavernia, CAMACOL (Latin Chamber of Commerce), Miami

Sam Feldman, forensic case manager and Community Relations Board member, Miami (resides in Miami Beach)

Commissioner Johnny Winton's appointees:

Joseph H. Serota (chairman), lawyer, Miami (resides in Pinecrest)

Paul R. Philip, chief of staff, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Miami

Commissioner Angel Gonzalez's appointees:

Fernando Mata, lawyer, Coral Gables

Jack R. Blumenfeld, lawyer, Kendall (resides in West Miami-Dade)

Commissioner Joe Sanchez's appointees:

Chris Ingraham, minister, New Hope Primitive Baptist Church, Miami (resides in Miramar)

Xavier Cortada, Miami-Dade Community Relations Board member and lawyer, Miami

Mayor Manny Diaz's appointees:

Cristina V. Lindenberg, executive director, Allapattah YMCA, Miami

Andre Dominique Pierre, lawyer and vice president of Haitian Lawyers Association, Miami

Santiago C. Corrada, principal, Edison Senior High School, Miami (resides in South Miami-Dade)

William J. Delgado, executive vice president, Latin Builders Association, Miami (resides in Hialeah)

Richard C. Milstein, lawyer, Miami

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