Chris Bosh Definitely, Positively Joining D-Wade in Miami, ESPN Says

Heat fans: Put down the gin, back away from the train tracks, and climb down from the edge of the AA Arena roof (talking to you now, Burnie).

Superstar Chris Bosh will join über-superstar Dwyane Wade on the hardwood for your Miami Heat next season. So says ESPN, which is so confident in its anonymous sourcing that it splashed the story across the front page online this morning.

Now as for that BronBron character...

ESPN's magical mystery sources still don't know where the King will end up. LeBron has scheduled a Thursday news conference (one day after Bosh and Wade's presser this afternoon, hmmmm).

But let's not dwell on LeBron for the moment. If ESPN is right (and, boy, will this be an embarrassing morning if Wade and Bosh show up at the podium today and joyfully slap on Sacramento Kings hats), today could be one of the best in the Heat franchise's history.

Bosh is the playmaking big man that Wade has lacked ever since Shaq sold his Star Island manse. (Dude averaged 24 points and ten boards a game last year, thus making him the anti-matter to Michael Beasley's sad, sad matter.)

The Heat will immediately morph into one of the top three or four teams in the East.

Now if only Burnie could emotionally torment the King into heading to South Florida. On second thought, back to the roof, Burns!

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