Chris Bosh Being Traded to Miami for Beasley, Chalmers, and Anthony?

Step 1 of the Miami Heat's master plan might be near completion if Miami Herald scribe/radio host Dan LeBatard's Twitter feed is to be believed. He reports that a mega sign-and-trade deal between the Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat is pretty much done in principle.

The Heat would get Chris Bosh, one-third of the rumored free-agent summit three, and would trade away Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers, and Joel Anthony (enjoy that Canadian weather, guys; it was nice having you here).

Here areLeBatard's tweets in full:

I hear bosh-miami is done... bosh-wade shared agent avoids tampering... its why beasley, chalmers, anthony still here... raptors get them

agree in principle... process plays out... pat riley got scorched on juwan howard but wade and bosh are just dealing with their agent

It seems the Bosh trade would be enough to persuade Dwyane Wade to stay with the Heat and fulfill Pat Riley's commitment to get him some much-needed talented help.

t would also put the Heat in position to score another big free agent. LeBron, are you listening?

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