Chile Takes American Banks to Court for Aiding Pinochet

Have you seen this new, weird children's television program Fox News has on called "The Glenn Beck Show?" I've seen it only once, and Beck was harping on about how Obama was a socialist, and how socialism or anything vaguely like it is horrible because Stalin killed a lot of people. So, the logic here is that if a murderous dictator liked a certain economic model it must be horrible. But what about Augustus Pinochet and his right wing economics right out of the University of Chicago? All I'm saying, is that there's probably better ways to argue against socialism than jumping to economically unrelated death tolls. So shut up Glenn Beck. 

Anyway, the current government of Chile (lead by a Socialist) is suing several American banks that allegedly helped Pinochet snatch $26 million from the country's collective purse. The four suits were filed in Miami yesterday. Chile could be seeking tens of millions of dollars from the banks, but damages weren''t specified. 

Pinochet took control of Chile after a violent coup resulted in the death of democratically elected, socialist president Salvador Allende (along with his awesome glasses and failing economic policies). Pinochet reigned as president from 1974-1990, and regularly kidnapped, killed, and tortured dissidents, and apparently stole money from his own country. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder