Charlie Crist's Mug Suspiciously Missing On RGA's New Website

Completely embarrassed by the state of the national party it seems that the Republican Governors Association are engineering a takeover of the Bland Ol' Party. 

They have a nice new website asking for your money called The GOP Comeback with lots of pretty glamour shots of your favorite Republican Guv All-Stars. There's Palin in all her glory, Haley Barbour and his wonderful eyebrows, and newly minted national folk hero Bobby Jindal.

Wait. There seems to be one or two GOP guvs of some of the nation's largest states missing. Where is our dear little Charlie Crist? We also checked the homepage of RGA.Org and he's persona non grata there too. He barely shows up on the RGA's youtube page either.  Seems Christ, along with Gov. Schwarzenegger, have been snubbed.

This new site, GOPComeBack.com, comes with the mission of reclaiming a majority of the Governors' mansions across the country in the next two years. Interesting that the site does feature a nice shot of Linda Lingle (the site has two rotating banners at the top, refresh it once or twice and you'll see the other), who successfully won the Governorship of Hawaii after 40 years of Democratic control, though she did it in part by setting herself apart from more conservative Republican candidates of the past. 

I hate to beat a dead horse, and yes the Republican party is a dead horse, but if they want to take back anything, they're going to have to run some centrists. Let the ideological purity take a back seat, and stop putting forth Reagan wannabes and ideologues like Jindal. They shouldn't  abandon their core principals, but keep in mind a large portion of American voters are moderates. If Republican don't want to appeal to them in any sense, don't be surprised if the Democrats continue to come and scoop them up. 

I'm sure Christ, a popular Governor or a large swing state, would be a model that's more attractive to many other states, rather than a Jindal or Palin. Please get his glamour shot up, asap. (Not to mention it might help with their fundraising efforts here in Florida, alrigh t) 

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