Charlie Crist Sued By Talking Heads' David Byrne

Gov. Charlie Crist is being sued by the Talking Heads' David Byrne for copyright infringement, and no it's not for rocking the same style of gentlemanly premature white hair. Crist's campaign used the Talking Heads song "Road to Nowhere" in an attack ad against Marco Rubio without bothering to get permission, let alone pay Byrne to use the tune.

Byrne is asking for $1 million from the Crist campaign, even though the ad only appeared on YouTube and Crist's website.

"In my opinion the damage had already been done by it being out there," Byrne told Billboard.com. "People that I knew had seen (the ad), so it had gotten around... [The suit] is not about politics...It's about copyright and about the fact that it does imply that I would have licensed it and endorsed him and whatever he stands for."

Byrne, of course, can't be blamed for not knowing what exactly it is Crist stands for, as the entire state of Florida has been trying to figure that out for the last four years to little success.

Byrne has hired lawyer Lawrence Iser, the same lawyer that successfully represented Jackson Browne after one of his tunes was used with out permission by the McCain campaign in 2008.

Unfortunately for him, Marco Rubio can't rub this in Crist's face. He has a copyright flap of his own. He used the Steve Miller Band's "Take the Money and Run" in a web attack ad against Crist without permission. The band asked him to stop using, but stopped short of filing suit.

We're pretty sure that Democrat Kendrick Meek hasn't used any unauthorized songs in his web ad, but it's entirely possible he did and no one noticed ...just like everything Meek seems to do in this campaign.

The Crist ad has been removed, but here's the Talking Heads' original track if you're curious.

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