Charlie Crist Isn't Popular in the GOP 2012 Trailer Park

Poor Charlie Crist. Sure, he went out of the way to let it be known he wouldn't mind being John McCain's personal vice president, but he hasn't done anything that indicates he really wants to stage his own presidential campaign in 2012. He must seem like a natural to the moderates in the party, though, as a popular governor of a crucial swing state. So his name is included on the early shortlists for whatever losing campaign the GOP mounts in 2012.

Gallup polled all 32 registered Republicans left in the country and found that a lot of them don't want ol' Chain Gang Charlie anyway, which surely must hurt his feelings. Especially considering the cretins they do want.

Only 23% said they would like to see Charlie run. Double that, 46%, would like to see him not run. And 31% have never heard of our blanc-haired gov. Their top picks are three big 2008 losers -- Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and Mike Huckabee -- who all reached levels of support above 60%. Also ahead of Crist? Gen. David Petreus (who probably won't run?); ratfink, cousin-marrying disaster Rudy Giuliani; hypocritical sensationalist Newt Gingrich, n00b Bobby Jindal, and even Jeb Bush. The only person they want less than Charlie is Lindsay Grahm.

What is wrong with the people who call themselves Republicans? Everyone else on this list is a certified wingnut. What has Charlie done to ever piss you off, Republicans? Hmmmm? Are you too afraid of people who aren't total embarrassments? Or is it something else?

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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