Charlie Crist Endorses Democrat Bill Nelson Over His Former Supporter Connie Mack

Florida's most moderate former Republican has endorsed Florida's most moderate Democrat, Bill Nelson, over his Republican challenger, Connie Mack IV, in a move that should surprise no one but is sure to have people talking. Since leaving the Republican Party during his own bid for Senate, Crist has more and more aligned himself with the moderate wing of the Democratic party, and is rumored to be considering a return to politics as a Democrat himself.

According to the Tampa Tribune, Crist will attend a Nelson fundraiser tonight that will also feature Bill Clinton. The cash raising shindig is being hosted at the Orlando-area home of Crist's current boss, personal injury attorney John Morgan.

Crist says that Nelson is "a strong voice of common sense and moderation for the citizens of Florida." However, he added that he had nothing bad to say about Connie Mack.

Interestingly, Crist started his political career as a staffer for Mack's father, Senator Connie Mack III. Mack IV, in return, had a long history of endorsing Crist.

Though, we doubt Mack IV is crying this morning. Considering the RPOF has become so rigidly anti-Crist, his snubbing Mack will only help him within his own party.

Crist, meanwhile, is considered a possible Democratic candidate to take on Rick Scott in 2014, though he's never publicly confirmed that speculation.

"I don't know ... Who knows what the future holds," he told the Tribune. "Right now I'm enjoying being indie and working hard in the private sector, and only time can tell."

Which means, well, he hasn't ruled it out.

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Kyle Munzenrieder