Charles Bronson Eyes Governor's Chair

Good news everyone! Particularly-voiced character actor and all around bad-ass Charles Bronson has decided to reemerge from the grave and run for governor of our fair state should Charlie Crist decide to run for senate!

Hold on, I'm getting some clarification from the dedicated 40 person Riptide newsroom. Ok. Apparently, it's not that Charles Bronson, it's only our agriculture commissioner. I think he's the guy whose signature you see on stickers at the gas pump. Yeah, that one.

Bronson, a Republican, is preparing for a governors run should Crist vacate the office, despite being not that well known.

"Everybody says that, but I got more votes than

Charlie Crist. My name recognition is pretty high, and

that's a big part of it. My name is on licenses for 44,000 gas pumps," Bronson tells the Tallahassee Democrat.

"Charles Bronson - My name is on gas pumps," should make an excellent campaign slogan.

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Kyle Munzenrieder