Charles Barkley Flips Off Miami Heat Fans Chanting "Barkley Sucks"

Charles Barkley has been flapping his mouth all season by taking any shot possible at the Miami Heat. The man simply finds any opening possible to criticize the team. Needless to say, he's not exactly a popular man in Miami.

Last night, he was forced outside in front of the AA Arena to host TNT's post-game show while hundreds of Heat fans surrounded the set at started shouting some sort of combination of "Barkley sucks!", "Fuck You, Barkley!" and, our favorite, "Fuck You, Chuck!" In his defense he did show a bit more class than Joakim Noah in his reaction, and decided to respond with a simple middle finger.

Here's a pretty rough video of the incident.

That wasn't the only confrontation between Barkley and Heat fans last night. Here he is on camera telling hecklers, "Don't make me come down there. If I have to come down there, it's gonna be hell to pay." One fan had thrown a towel in his general direction.

TNT is now considering moving their post-game coverage inside after the incident, and released this statement to The Sun-Sentinel: "We appreciate the tremendous enthusiasm of the fans and all that they bring to our live coverage. As we continue with our coverage of the Eastern Conference Finals, we are evaluating the best options for presenting our studio show live from Miami."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.