Charles Barkely Feuds With Dwyane Wade's Wife Gabrielle Union

National attention on the Miami Heat has settled down this season without LeBron James around, but that hasn't stopped TNT's resident loudmouth from finding new and innovative ways of picking on the team.

Yesterday, Dwyane Wade earned a berth on the All-Star roster for the 11th consecutive season. Barkely, naturally, felt he didn't deserve the honor.

"Dwyane Wade shouldn't have made the All-Star team. He is a Hall of Famer, but he didn't deserve to be an All-Star this year," Barkley ranted on Inside the NBA. "Bosh has been the best player for Miami this year. Brandon Knight in Milwaukee, Brandon Jennings in Detroit or Kyle Korver in Atlanta should have been rewarded for having good seasons. This might be the only time Knight, Jennings or Korver have a chance to make the All-Star team. I always give the edge to guys who are winning. Dwyane Wade is not having an All-Star year."

The recently official Mrs. Wade, actress Gabrielle Union, caught wind of the slight and took to Twitter.

Now for anyone is a little bit slow, like Barkley, this is Union clearly saying that she's not in the same acting league as three-time Oscar winning Meryl Streep. Union's admitting she hasn't won her profession's highest honor, sort of like how Barkley has never won his profession's highest honor, unlike three-time NBA Championship winning Wade. See, that's the joke.

Barkley didn't get it.

"Don't ever mention you and Meryl Streep in the same sentence," Barkley said on the Inside the NBA panel. "Meryl Streep would never be on Snakes on a Plane or Madea."

What's odd is that Union was not in Snakes on a Plane. Union has appeared in two Tyler Perry movies, but neither of those featured the Madea character.

Barkley then went on to say, patronizingly, that Union was, "Pretty. She's very pretty," but then clarified that he liked Wade and Union, but he gets "paid to be honest."

Twitter has been decided in their response.

Always defend the bae.

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