Channel Your Inner Snookie Through Social Media and Get a Tan Through Your Phone

Whether or not we'd actually admit to it in public, we can't look away from the train wreck that is Jersey Shore. It's just one of those shows we love to hate and can't stop imitating or deriding.

Everywhere we look lately, we see the Situation fist-pumping, JWoww getting into a fistfight, or Snooki being Snooki (even the New York Times has recently taken a stab at her). As much as we'd like to be able to live our lives just hitting the gym, tanning, and doing laundry, we simply don't have the time. Until now. In honor of Jersey Shore's Season 2 premiere this Thursday, MTV has released a Facebook game and an iPhone app that has GTL (gym, tan, laundry) readily available if you're always on the go.

For the Facebook game, once you log in, you'll see "Your daily routine," where you can:
• Get fresh to death -- Remember gym, tan, and laundry every day, for life.
• Hit the streets -- Play against your friends and strangers.
• Pick out some new gear -- Visit the store for new moves, specials, and clothing.

We tested it, and it takes

awhile to do the "jobs" (about two minutes), and all you'll see is just a

little bar at the bottom saying how much time is remaining. This tedious little task is necessary, though, to be able to earn money and points to use on accessories you'll need when you "hit the streets" and battle friends or strangers. It looks a lot like the game Street Fighter -- and you can throw pickles, "grenades," "beat the beat," and other objects to win the most points/earn the most money.

The developers really incorporated the show into this one, with stuff like hippos, clingers, Ron Ron juice, and Snooki's cartwheel all available for purchase as you pass each level. MTV promises to add new features after every episode of Season 2, making it even more interactive and more Miami-centric.  

If you want to see what you'd look like if you were one of those Jersey Shore kids, you can "Jersey Shore Yourself" with this online game. You can start from scratch, building your eyes, face, hair, body, outfit, accessories, and backdrop. We chose Miami as a backdrop and a cell phone as our accessory, of course.

Oh, and MTV is also planning a "Spread Snooki" iPhone app, promising to

allow users to superimpose the tiny woman's face or a fist-pumping arm

into existing photos on your phone. You can also add her to photos as

they're taken. It's kind of like insta-Photoshop, Jersey Shore style. It'll be released on iTunes later this week, though a specific date hasn't yet been announced.

There's a free, interactive iPhone

app called "Jersey Shore Party App" that's already been released too. You can generate a nickname and compete in a fist-pump challenge

(which actually tells you how many calories you're burning and stats

like how many "fist pumps per minute" you're reaching). The app also offers handy

pick-up lines and makes your phone do double duty as a color-changing glowstick and a portable fake tanning bed. We're not kidding. See the run-throughs of it below and tell us what you think: social media genius or colossal waste of time?

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