Chad Henne Danced In Fake Boobs On His Vacation

TMZ has pictures of Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne dancing around with fake boobs on his vacation in the Bahamas.

And because the Dolphins are a shrill, smug, stuffy organization (because they like to think they're the New England Patriots, you see), they're none too happy with the photos.

The Dolphins are aware of the photos and no one is really, seriously, thrilled that Henne was captured in this, cough, interesting pose. Yes, boys will be boys, but it doesn't say a whole lot for meeting the old Bill Parcells Ten Commandments for a QB...

... specifically the one that talks about not making a fool of yourself off the field.

Here's a QB commandment Parcells might consider for himself: DRAFT ONE WITH SOME FUCKING TALENT. THE END.

So Chad Henne is on vacation and some jackass took a picture of him acting like a dude that's on vacation and now everybody is up in arms over this. Fantastic.

Sure, of all the things a guy can choose to do on vacation, putting on fake tits and shaking your ass in front of a lot of people is pretty much the last option. For most of us, anyway.

But whatever. Chad Henne is a shitty quarterback. But he's a shitty quarterback on vacation. At least the guy is showing some semblance of a personality for once. This is the most animated we've ever seen Chad Henne anywhere ever. Maybe the Dolphins should let him wear fake tits during games. Boom! QB problem solved!

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