Chad Henne Back Tracks on Tim Tebow Comments

Chad Henne committed sacrilege by daring to criticize his holiness, St. Tim Tebow, and now has been made to repent.

"My judgment is that he's not an NFL quarterback. I'll leave it at that," Henne said yesterday on WQAM.

The comment ended up getting national attention, and Henne was forced to address it at a press conference this morning.

"I didn't really say he wasn't able to be one. We're all in this process, learning how to be an NFL quarterback. Obviously, he's taken the right steps to improve his game," Henne said according to Dolphins in Depth.

"His throwing motion actually looks a lot better with his release and everything. I think his Pro Day went really well and he was happy with it. I can't really say anything. My quarterback coach from college is coaching him in college. We're coming from the same people."

He also said that the hosts cut him off before he could explains, but uhh, Hennebot, you did say, "I'll leave it at that." So, it was left at that.

Henne was mostly concerned that his comments could be interpreted from coming from within the Dolphins organization, but he says he hasn't talked to any coaches about Tebow.

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