Celtics Broadcasters Made an Unfortunate Joke After Udonis Haslem's Game of the Year

The lone bright spot in just a terribly annoying Miami Heat 101-96 loss to the Boston Celtics Wednesday night was the return of your boy Udonis Haslem. With LeBron James sitting out the game with back spasms, and Greg Oden sitting out on a scheduled day off, UD got the start and played pretty damn well.

Celtics broadcasters responded by joking that UD should call his mom, who died of cancer.

It's been forever since Haslem got any meaningful run, although one could argue nothing that happens against this putrid Celtics is meaningful. Still, seeing Mr. 305 back on the court made fans feel good.

Haslem came out on fire, scoring 12 points in the first period to go with four rebounds, two assists, and two blocks. It was great to see the Mayor of Miami back, even during one helluva frustrating Heat performance. Haslem finished 7-8 from the field for 14 points in 27 minutes, a season high for him.

As for the game itself, it was a loss to the Celtics, and those are always a steel-toed kick to the junk. It's even more annoying when it's a Celtics team led by Brandon Bass (18 points) and Avery Bradley (23 points). The always-face-sucky Rajon Rondo barely missed a triple-double, finishing with nine points, ten rebounds, and 15 assists. Everything in this paragraph blows. I hate this entire paragraph. I want to print out this paragraph and punt it into a canal. In fact, I'm gonna do just that when I'm done here.

If you didn't already know the Celtics suck, here is further proof that organization is the worst. The Celtics broadcast team made quite an unfortunate joke last night about Haslem's great game.


Back to the good! Zombie Udonis! Heat fans liked it, so they tweeted about it.

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