Celebrities Come Out for the Fontainebleau's Reopening

I think you’ll agree that the following pictorial essay, although composed of just four photos, provides a concise overview of The Fontainebleau’s dazzling opening party on Friday evening. In fact, perusing these snapshots is almost like being there. Without the champagne and cocktails, that is. And sans the shellfish buffet of lobsters, stone crabs, jumbo shrimp, clams, mussels, ceviches, and so forth. Come to think of it, you won’t get to savor the hand-crafted pastries and confections of the dessert buffet either. Plus you’ll have to use your imagination to get a sense of the energy pulsating through the well-heeled crowd, and the music and chatter and color and fashion and overall experience. Ready to begin the party?

Here is the stunning lobby bar:

Lee Klein

The stunning Mariah Carey performed with gusto in the grand ballroom. She was in high spirits, and so was the crowd -- the aroma of potently skunky smoke wafted across the room and onto the left side of the lengthy stage, prompting Mariah to acknowledge it mid-song. “Whoa!”, she said, before heading back to the other side of the stage. She seemed happy that folks were enjoying themselves, but explained “I don’t want to get a contact high while singing.”

Lee Klein

Here is the stunning Gwyneth Paltrow, who was quickly whisked into one of the private V.I.P. cabanas -- which, ironically, provided the worst views of the stage where Mariah performed, and were packed like sardines; those in the rest of the room were comfortably spaced.

Lee Klein

Here is the stunning Terrence Howard, who graciously posed for this photo -- before getting whisked away towards his regrettable seat.

Lee Klein

-- Lee Klein

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