Castro Is Dead. Or Not.

Castro Is Dead. Or Not.

The city is abuzz with rumors that Fidel Castro has gone to that big communist gulag in the sky. Here's what we know: folks who picked up the phones at City Hall, Miami Police, Metro-Dade police and the county emergency center so far deny the rumors. So does Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen's office.

But our best friend's second cousin who knows a former military officer in Havana swears it's true! Te lo juro!

Other sources claiming he's dead: Babalu Blog, whose traffic spiked so much in recent hours that the site was off-line briefly. And Perez Hilton, in between reporting on Nicole Richie's jail stint and Brangelina's world travels, claims that Miami officials are holding off the Fidel announcement until rush hour traffic is over. How thoughtful!

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