Shortly after midnight Sunday, ​Orlando's Casey Anthony was released from jail three years and one day after her 2-year-old daughter was reported missing and less than two weeks after Anthony was acquitted of her murder.

Anthony's future is unclear, especially given the amount of public vitriol over what many see as as an unjust acquittal in a case with abundant suspicion but what turned out to be insufficiently conclusive evidence.

Casey Anthony Released From Jail

Since being acquitted, Anthony has received numerous threats, including one on Friday in which her lawyers said they were emailed a Photoshopped picture of Anthony with a bullet hole in her forehead, CBS reported. The Los Angeles Times reports spectators yelled "killer" as she left the jail.

Though scores of onlookers and journalists descended on the Orange County Jail in preparation for her release, only three cameras, from the Associated Press, the Orlando Sentinel and NBC, were allowed inside.

The Sentinel has posted several images and a video of Anthony; TMZ has also posted an image showing a distressed-looking Anthony getting into a car with attorney Jose Baez.

Though Anthony was convicted, after one day of jury deliberations, on four charges that she lied to investigators, she was granted credit for time served leading up to the trial and ended up serving an additional 12 days in jail.

UPDATE, 1:23 a.m.: This post was updated to add details and links to photographs of Anthony as they came online, and again at 2:15 a.m.

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