Carmelo Anthony (or a Twitter Hacker) Offers $5K to Smack Kat Stacks

Slapping Kat Stacks has become America's new national pastime. Now Denver Nuggets basketball star Carmelo Anthony apparently wants in on the action.

Aventura resident Kat Stacks has made a bizarre career out of allegedly bedding Z-list rappers with Muppet names (think Gudda Gudda) and then taking to videos, her blog, and her Twitter account to accuse them of having small penises, being secretly broke, and, in the case of Lil Wayne's Young Money crew, having no other furniture than a "long-ass peach motherfuckin' sofa."

Despicably, but perhaps not shockingly, people claiming to be rappers' henchmen keep running up to Stacks and slapping her with cameras rolling.

Over the weekend, Nuggets forward Anthony Tweeted this offer:

Then, eight hours later, he claimed his Twitter account had been hacked. Sorry, violent entrepreneurs: For the time being, smacking hip-hop's most incessant "pigeon ass face" remains an unpaid hobby.
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Gus Garcia-Roberts