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Car Insurance in Miami-Dade Is 54 Percent More Expensive Than the Rest of Florida

As if you needed another reason to add to the list of the ways driving in Miami is a pain, InsuranceQuotes.com reports that Miami-Dade has the most expensive average car insurance rates in Florida. Miamians pay 54 percent more than the average Floridian, which is even more depressing when you learn that Florida is one of the most expensive states, ranking eighth-priciest to insure your ride. 

In fact, Miami-Dade's insurance rates are so out of whack with the rest of the state that it almost single-handedly skews the state average. Counties shaded green or yellow on this map pay less than the state average. Counties in red and orange pay more than the average; you'll notice only four counties fall into that category. 
Granted, those counties — Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Hillsborough — are the four most populous in the state, but those other three counties' car insurance hikes are nothing compared to Miami-Dade's 54 percent. Hillsborough residents pay just 12 percent more than the state average. It's 13 percent in Palm Beach and 15 percent in Broward. 

As it turns out, Florida has one of the largest swings between counties, with both the most expensive car insurance and the least expensive car insurance. 
Even within Miami-Dade, car insurance rates aren't equal. 
Yes, residents in wealthier zip codes in Miami Beach and in areas like Coconut Grove and Coral Gables end up paying less for their insurance. Areas in the inner city covering places like Liberty City end up paying more on average (at least for comparable cars and plans).

Among Miami zip codes, 33142 has the most expensive car insurance in the county. That covers areas of Liberty City and Allapattah. Residents pay 21 percent more in those areas. Meanwhile, 33140, which covers Mid-Beach, has the least expensive rates, with residents paying 21 percent less. 

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