Canes vs. Gators, Wowza!

It's college football's best part-time rivalry, Miami Hurricanes versus Florida Gators -- but the Gators have been left with out a win since 1985. The last time the teams played was New Year's Eve 2004 in the Peach Bowl. This time though the tables are turned as the Gators are the fifth best team in the nation, and the Hurricanes are only the fourth best team in the state.

Both teams also have new coaches since the Peach Bowl, and oh, yeah, the Gators managed to pick up a national championship.

The Canes aren’t playing in the peewee leagues like last week, so Cane-omites, don’t get your hopes up for a victory. In fact the best measure of the team's performance may be by how little we lose. If it’s a trouncing, it might be another sad season. If the Canes hold their own though, things might be looking up,. And if the stars align perfectly for a Canes victory than , huh-fucking-zah, you’ve got my permission to be drunk till Monday, got dangit.

By the way, I've written about the Hurricanes on Riptide before, but let's address the elephant in the blog. Yes, yes, yes. For a short time I was public enemy number one of Canes nation for my part in drawing attention to a then two-year-old dirty rap opus by members of the team calling themselves the 7th Floor Crew.

After being kicked out of my dorm room due to some total bullshit, I requested to move to the seventh floor of Mahoney and spent a semester living directly across from two players. During an awkward moment, one of them kissed me on the cheek, and I've considered the hatchet buried ever sense.

So go Canes and good luck, because you're going to need it this weekend against the 5th ranked Florida Gators.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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